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Have you been looking for a way to earn more money? Would you like to start a business, but not sure what you want to do? You may have thought about a start up business but did not have a unique idea. Or maybe you thought about buying an existing business or a franchise, but did then realized you did not have the capital or time to do so! And you may have also had someone who approached you about doing a home based business opportunity, but you were uncertain if they had a good situation to get involved in.

I’ve compiled a list of criteria that you will want to consider when making your choice of what to do and why I found the Shaklee Business Opportunity to meet all these requirements. Take a look and see if this might be something you too would be right for you! 

1. Is the product or service something of high quality?
The # 1 rule for having a thriving business: you need customers.
Having a reputable product is important because no matter how eloquent the business plan, ultimately the quality of your product or service is why people will buy from you and how they will judge your business.

Shaklee has a remarkable reputation when it comes to their products. They have thousands of testimonials of how their products have helped people to become healthy. But to me more important than the testimonials is the scientific research behind the product and evidence that their products really do what they say they will do. The Landmark Study is probably the most significant independent study done and the research found that there is a significant difference in the health of those who took Shaklee products over a long period of time over other brands or those who did not take any nutritional supplements. The second most impressive evidence is the result of over100 Gold Medal Olympic athletes that took Shaklee products.

And of course, the most important test – myself. When I tried the products, did they work? I used to have a lot of physical problems and almost died. I am so impressed with my health and energy and what Shaklee products have done for me. Truly the most valuable gift in life is one’s health for which I am so thankful to Shaklee Corporation. (Read my story.)

2. Is the product or service something that is a one-time sale or a repeat business?
The ideal principle here is that you don’t want to have to continually find new customers each month. Having a consumable product creates repeat business.

Shaklee provides products that most people already purchase from the grocery store, health food store, or drug store but which are a higher quality. There are three types of products – nutritional supplements, household products, and personal care products.
When people replace the products they already use with Shaklee products, they get a higher quality product, better results, and can save money. For example, you would have to spend $3,400 in other products for what you get in Shaklee's Get Clean Starter Kit. In addition, I have save a lot of money not buying medicine and paying doctor bills. I personally have used all of the Shaklee products now for 35 years and I have other customers that have purchased for that length of time and for which I have continued to make a consistent income from over the years.

3. Will I be contributing to helping others? Will I be making a difference to the environment?
It is not just about the money. Many people what to make a difference in the world by helping others and protecting the environment.

Shaklee Corporation was a pioneer in creating products what Dr. Shaklee called “In Harmony with Nature.” The philosophy is that you do not want chemicals, additives, or artificial ingredients – only natural ingredients because this is what builds healthy bodies. Shaklee Corporation does over 80,000 quality tests a year on their products – some before processing and others after processing – to make sure the product is free from any contaminants and that the product is always pure. Shaklee has never had a product recall in the 60 years they have been in business and again, the proof is in the results of the people who use their products.

Shaklee also has a reputation for their household products and personal care products. They have been pioneers in the environmental movement for non-chemical household products. Their Basic H all-purpose household product was the first Earth Day product.
In addition, Shaklee Corporation has won many environmental awards. They were the first company to get the Climate Neutral Award for offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint!

4. How is the company’s reputation I may be working with?
There are many companies who make claims to have the best product or the best business opportunity. And while there are some that are good, there are those who are not based on sound product research or solid business principles. Some people have put a lot of time and money into some of these businesses only to have the company go out of business.

Shaklee Corporation has a 60 year track record. They have the financial foundation and scientific research to back their product and business opportunity. You can put your trust and confidence in both the product and business opportunity.

5. Can I get into it with little to no capital, overhead, and time commitment?
What does it cost to get into a business today? The average cost of a start up business is around $30,000. Most people do not have that type of capital and many of us want to get out of debt, not create more debt. In addition, it takes 2-5 years before you realize a profit, not to mention the long hours.

Today many people are interested in a home based business opportunity in order to create a business with low investment of money and time and no overhead costs. 

The Shaklee business opportunity is a very low start up cost. You can start with as low as $49.95 (one time fee) to become a distributor (no products included). Or you can choose to purchase one of the product kits that are referred to as “Gold Packs” either $349, $649 or $1,049. Eventually you will want to set up a Shaklee website at $14.95 per month. So depending on your budget and plan of action, you can get started with a very low start up cost.

And you don’t have to quit your job to get started. I can teach you how to market yourself either using traditional methods or online so that you can do this on your time schedule.

6. Can I build a substantial income in a reasonable amount of time?
Each person has to set their own goals and commit to a specific time frame. As with most home based businesses, you can start by putting in 12 to 20 quality hours per week. The key is to have consistent effort over a period of time.

The Shaklee business opportunity is no different. The more time and effort you put into it, the more successful you will be. While there is no guarantee of success, most people can create an extra income of $500 to $1,000 a month within 3 to 6 months. There are some that can do this within 1 month. That is pretty good for a part-time effort when you think of the hours you would have to put in on a part-time job to make that type of money.  Plus remember that this is a “repeat” business so you can continue to get paid by maintaining your customers from month to month. And of course, you can continue to grow so you can earn what you need. Shaklee Corporation also provides some training to help, called Shaklee University. Plus there is a lot of help from the people who are already successful in Shaklee. 

A good goal is to reach the rank of Executive Coordinator which has an average income is $60,000. But there is also a plan called the Fast Track. This is a plan of action that will help you reach the rank of Executive Coordinator in 15 months. If you are able to do this, Shaklee offers extra incentive bonuses which can help you to have income of up to $100,000 for those 15 months.

7. What other benefits are offered?
In your current occupation, what are some of the benefits offered? Are you given a two week vacation? Does your company pay for travel expenses? Do you get plaques and recognition for your efforts?

Shaklee Corporation does even better. You can earn a bonus car of your choice by reaching a certain volume of customers. And you can earn a free International trip. Each year Shaklee takes their top business level achievers to special places, all expenses paid. This year it is 6 days and 5 nights to Paradisus Resorts in Playa Del Carmen! And there is lots of recognition and other awards given.

So what are your criteria for an ideal business opportunity? Does this sound like the type of business opportunity you are looking for?  The Shaklee business opportunity really does meet all 7 criteria for an ideal home based business. 

Take the next step -  contact me today to set up a time to talk more about a plan of action to help you get started.

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