Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shaklee- Products and Business Opportunity That Work!

Many times people are not familiar with Shaklee products because as a company, they do not do traditional advertising. Yet in 60 years, they have become the number #1 natural nutrition company and that is because their products really do work and business opportunity that work!!

Today most people are interested in having a healthier life. The way you do that consists of 2 things. First is to feed yourself healthy foods in order for your cells to produce healthier cells and a strong immune system to fight off viruses and toxic chemicals. But today, it is difficult to get the nutrition you need from food and most people do not have good eating habits. Supplements have been found to make the difference. We call it “nutritional insurance.”  Second is to avoid toxic chemicals both in our household products and personal care products. Many children have allergies and asthma because of common everyday products people buy from the grocery store.

So, people are looking for the type of products that Shaklee offers – nutrition supplements, non-toxic household products, and safe personal care products. These are products that many people use from the grocery store, health food store, or drug store. We offer them a better choice.

Of course, plenty of companies claim their products work, but at Shaklee we have scientific proof that our products are “always safe, always green, and always work.” Here are just a few of examples:
·         LandmarkStudy – research study that showed evidence that long term Shaklee users had extremely better health than those who took other supplements and those who took none.
·         Over 100 Olympic Gold Medal winners use only Shaklee. Not only does it help them physically, they do not have to worry about any potential negative ingredients to disqualify them.

  • Shaklee performs over 80,000 quality control tests per year 
  • Shaklee products have long been labeled safe by the Kosher Seal and Green Seal and approved by others 
  •  Shaklee180 weight loss program has research that confirms that weight loss is only from fat, not muscle and has a very high success rate of long term weight loss.

  I look for those who would like to be customers – who do you know that -

  • would like to improve their health and the health of their family? 
  •  could benefit from non-toxic household products? 
  •  is concerned about their skin? 
  •  would like to lose weight?

In addition to looking for those people who would like to use the products, there are also people who are looking for a home-based business for several reasons:

  • a way to make some extra money 
  •  a way to build long-term, residual (passive) income 
  •  a way to implement some good in home business tax benefits

 Does this sound like a business you might like to be part of? Contact me today to find out more details and to find out if this would be right for you.

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